York-Town- Human settlement.

This town started out as a simple Logging town. That was until a Man Named Don York Van Han. This man not only organized the settlement to protect its self against the local goblins but also taught the local people how to farm the land. As the town continued to grow in size and wealth, some people thought the town out grew what was manageable. The town and the surrounding farms around now are a skeleton of what it used to be.

The Recent rise of the heroes that have saved the swamp and started traded between the Grippli and humans. Have inspired the Mayor to send out “adventure jobs”. The town having a lot of gold from its recent expansion. Has the gold to seek out some of the Best adventures in the land.

The town now has mixed feelings about “adventures” as none of these “heroes” have been able to rid them of there current problems and must just being stirring up the local goblins. causing the raids on the town and its farm lands to become more frequent.

The town has a Inn, which is owned by local logger, Gerald Howes. Gerald Howes was a one of the first loggers in the area. After being wounded by a goblin, he can no longer log. He then opened up the “Logger’s Rest Stop”. The inn has frequent business since it is the only inn in the local area.

The town has a blacksmith owned by Tim Darth. Tim Darth moved up to the town of York to make a living sharping axes and fixing broken farm equipment. As the goblins become more brave. Tim has taken to the art of weapon and armor making.

The town has a general goods owned by Randal Hearning. Randal moved into York with his brother to log, but soon found out he wasn’t made to be a logger. He turned to being a merchant which has made him very wealthy.

The Manor is owned by none other then Don York Van Han. The manor is used as the main focus point for traders and locals to sell their goods. The town ledger lives there with the mayor. Not very many locals actually go in and out since it is a place of business. The mayor only speaks to the locals from his Balcony.

The mayor has put Gerald in charge of posting quest outside of his inn on the quest board. The town has two mayor problems. Goblins and some magical beast that has been raiding the local farms for months. If these problems aren’t dealt with the town has a small chance of surviving.

The quest to slay the goblins states: A Call to all adventures! We have a problem of goblins coming down from the mountains in the north east. If you wish to take on this quest come to the Loggers rest stop. There you will be informed by Inn keeper Gerald on what to do. good luck and good hunting.

The quest to stop the beast at night states: Beware of the night! a creature has taken to slaying our live stock and is hunting down some of our brothers. We have no other information on this creature. If you wish to take up this most noble of quest speak to Gerald the innkeeper.


Yorks Fall or rise